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Fat is the Price of Sin

You probably think this is about pop and sugar. It isn't. It's about oppression.

Every element of physiology is under regulatory control down to the most minute degree. This is why bureaucrats are producing total fraud again when they say fat equals calories consumed minus calories burned up. They try to defy chemical regulatory mechanisms which control physiology.

The public doesn't have the option of defying laws of nature. When they try to burn up fat, they fail. The more fat they try to burn away, the more fat they acquire. The reason is because of oppression.

People acquired their physiological control mechanism for the modern diet while doing slave labor in the fields. Human ancestors, at least for western European types, spent thousands of years working from sun up to sun down in the fields under oppressive conditions while eating once a day. Each time they ate, they had to put on enough fat to last all day under slave labor conditions. Control mechanisms did that to their physiology, or they died.

The ones who died didn't pass on their genes to modern humans; the ones who lived did. The ones who survived the oppression are the ones whose physiology adapted to slave labor conditions by storing a lot of fat each time they ate.

What people eat has a lot to do with the amount of fat they produce. The diet which produces the most fat is the diet which ancestors ate while doing slave labor. Such a diet is heavy in starch, which was a product of slave labor in the fields.

There wasn't a lot of fruits and vegetables available to slave laborers, so those types of foods do not force physiology into fat production. In fact, a physiological pattern was well established long ago for a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables. The ancestors who created this pattern were the monkeys. They had to be feather-weight to climb trees easily.

When humans eat the monkey diet consisting of raw fruit and vegetables, fat falls away, because that physiological pattern was developed over millions of years by monkeys. Necessity would have overridden that pattern with something new, if necessary. But it wasn't necessary, and that pattern of physiology still exists.

Bureaucrats say that the reason why people lose weight when eating a monkey diet is because they get fewer calories. Such claims are close to proof. When bureaucrats say it, you can know the opposite is the truth.

I have spent a lifetime studying this effect, not in humans but in mushrooms, general biology and evolution, where the patterns can be captured in photographs. What I found was that physiological patterns get developed and are stored perpetually. The different patterns can be switched on and off, as physiological requirements change.

Often the patterns are stored as phenotypic variations, which are not switched in response to stimuli but are varied between individuals to promote survival of a group. Such phenotypic differences are distributed randomly through a population rather than flowing from parents to offspring through Mendelian inheritance.

An example of such phenotypic variation with humans is muscle types. There are two types of muscle cells—slow ones and fast ones. Each persons has a different combination based on random distribution.

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