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Life Is Ordered Existence

Corrupt persons assume that a corrupt way of doing things is superior to ordered existence. They see problems in ordered existence for the obvious reason that they can't produce any such thing. But life doesn't exist without ordered existence.

Life is ordered complexity. Death is disordered complexity. Life cannot be sustained without order. Corrupters don't know it.

This is exactly why corruption can be called corruption instead of an alternative path in life. Corruption destroys life by destroying the order that is needed to sustain life.

Ordered existence means consistent relationships between the parts. Conflicting relationships destroy life.

But corrupters don't care if conflicting relationships exist in life, and since they aren't competent enough to sustain consistent relationships, they assume that breaking down consistent relationships is an improvement. Corruption is breaking down the consistent relationships which create life.

Stripping government and laws from society is an example of the state that corrupters prefer. That standard is dictatorship. Nazism was the most developed example. There was no government to Nazism, just arbitrary dictates. The only difference with other dictatorships is that they are less complex than Nazism.

Dictatorships are not self-sustaining, because they cannot handle complexities. One of the complexities which they cannot handle is getting along with other people and adapting to their interests. Cutting themselves off from the rest of life is not self-sustaining.

Responding to the demands of complexities is not a dictatorship; it is rationality. To dictate is to not respond. To respond is not to dictate.

Laws are the alternative to dictating. Laws prevent the most serious problems and require essential responses which are necessary for sustaining the complexities of ordered existence.


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