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Social Drift Away From Logic

Science corruption shows how it works

Science and technology scams show that irrationality is causing social decay.

The source of the problem is incompetents pushing their way into the social structures to monger power as a tool of exploitation instead of solving problems. Power mongers cannot handle complexities because of their incompetence. The result is that unsolved problems accumulate under the control of power mongers.

The trend became noticeable first in science over the past fifty years. The reason for the shift was quite apparent: Science was too demanding for the incompetents who pushed their way in. Rationality exposed their incompetence. So they replaced rationality with nonsense, errors and outright fraud. The most extreme method of combatting rationality is to contrive fraud. Fraud serves the purpose of obstructing the ability of more rational persons to prevail.

The need for fraud developed in physics in the 1890s due to the difficulties in acquiring evidence for abstract complexities through measurements. Attempts to detect an etheric medium for transmission of radiation with the Michelson-Morley experiment was a total failure but proclaimed to be a success as the first bit of magical technology to shape the future of physics. The experiment produced no result but was said to prove the absence of an etheric medium. The absence of a result is not science. There was never the slightest evidence that interferometry could detect wave differences, yet the same procedure is used at this time to contrive the measurement of gravity waves.

Relativity soon followed as a complex, contrived subject in physics. It served the purpose of removing logic from any element of physics which incompetents wanted to fantasize. At this time, relativity is added to nearly all major claims in physics saying Einstein predicted it. Predicting is supposed to be an application of science, not a source of science.

The consequences of fraud in science show up at this time as global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles and self-driving. Beyond the fact that those causes are contrived frauds to the detriment of society, the manner of promoting them is the more basic problem. Truth would prevail wherever rationality is applied to a subject. It is primarily the journalists who strip away rationality preventing the frauds from being corrected.

A few engineers used to explain the scam of renewable energy, but they were ignored and replaced with cheap hype devoid of information. Now, real engineers have given up, and we hear nothing of them anymore. Notice at the recent summit of power mongers at Davos, one of the headlines was the advancing progress of renewables. The truth is, Germany and U.K. peaked out at 15% renewables (as wind and solar) years ago and are forced to revert to coal and nuclear to sustain their economies. Solar and wind can never get past 15% of an electrical system because of their disruptive nature. The only expansion that is occurring is less affluent countries adding to the total, presumably due to success of the Paris agreements in spreading the scam into developing economies.

The problem cannot be taken up as science and technology, as the necessary information is excluded from the media. The first problem is a deterioration of social standards due to incompetents pushing their way into everything and not tolerating the rationality which would expose their corruption.


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