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Minimum Wage

Just think of the millions of CEOs there would be if they were making $11 per hour. Who put all those CEOs out of work? The welfare queens need to make sure the CEOs are getting the right amount of pay.

The Trump campaign focused on jobs and call it reindustrialization. The pollsters and researchers went to the rust belt to find out why. Supposedly, we want jobs. We already have jobs. What is going on?

There is approximately full employment at this time. The anti-liberals say the data is fake. The liberals explain the data. Someone says, most of the new jobs pay nothing—mostly part time and minimum wage jobs. The newly proposed secretary of labor hires low paid workers at his restaurants and does not want the minimum wage to be increased.

Now add it all up. Reindustrialization is total propaganda for exploiting the masses with no relationship to reality. There are no workers left to reindustrialize. The out-of-work coal miners were not a representative sample. They were a unique group. In fact, some data said that the Trump voters were making above average wages.

The screaming problem which conservatives cannot touch with a ten foot pole is that the workers who are already employed have a myriad of problems related to balancing budgets and quality of life. More jobs does not balance budgets for persons who already have jobs.

Conservatives have an agenda which makes all of the problems worse instead of better for working class people. So conservatives need a fake cause, and they call for reindustrialization which is not possible. It's not possible, because there would be a shortage of labor. Some advocates suggest retraining the work force. But then there would be a shortage of workers someplace else. Who is going to do the minimum wage and part-time work, if the work force is retrained for re-industrialization?

Reindustrialization is so far removed from the realm of possibilities and the agenda of conservatives that it is nothing but a fake propaganda ploy for political power.

Complex economies based on complex technology have to evolve, step by step in a continuous manner toward improvements, so the whole process improves. That's what liberals do, not what conservatives do.

No one should buy oil from the Koch brothers, because it would be survival of the misfits—social Darwinism in reverse. There is supposed to be character development with laissez-faire—the only reason conservatives can give for taking from the needy and giving to the rich. The rich do less partying and commit less crime when taking from the needy.

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