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Sociology of Corruption

Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


Subjectivity is Non-Constructive in the Public Medium

People have a right to expect objectivity in public. Only objective reality is common for everyone. Subjective reality is not. Itís personal and based on values.

Subjectivity imposes. People have a right to not be imposed upon.

The ultimate subjectivity is to dominate, which is the ultimate imposition. Dominating is prevailing subjectively. Prevailing is making someone else a loser.

The standard of subjectively dominating is normal for corrupt persons. It is socially unacceptable for rational persons. It destroys the ability to function constructively.

Why does it occur? Because incompetent corrupters cannot win where there is rationality, so they try to win by subjectively overwhelming other persons. Through a constant repetition of attack, they become three second winners every five seconds. They also break down the ability of everyone involved to function constructively.

Truth always prevails, which means producing truth may look somewhat similar to prevailing subjectively. But there is a lot of difference. Truth only gets relevant and prevails where there is a problem which needs to be corrected. There is then an objective need to produce the truth; and of course, truth is an objective reality. As such, it does not prevent other persons from producing rationality.

The test of right from wrong is whether constructivity occurs. Constructivity means problems being solved and objective reality increasing.

There is a tendency to avoid truth which prevails, as if truth were destructive. In fact, where there is corruption, there is no sin but the truth about sin. And this is why the hesitancy to produce truth sometimes occuróbecause truth upsets corrupt persons something terrible. But this result is also the test of corruption. Only corruption is in opposition to truth. To not produce truth to overcome corruption is to allow destructivity to occur.

Subjective dominators assume that attacking people personally (subjectively) is producing truth. They donít understand that there is a personal and private world which is not other peoplesí business. And they donít understand that their version of truth about someoneís personal concerns is not a real truth, because it omits too much. Pain and problems can never be represented by discussion, which is a large part of why personal realities are no one elseís business.

In other words, subjective dominators are really brainless.

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