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Sociology of Corruption

Social deterioration is occurring everywhere. The cause is power mongering by incompetent persons.


How Power Mongering Works

Incompetents who want to get more out of life than they are worth push their way into the social structures and use them as a source of power. Social structures are not designed for that purpose. They are designed for objective purposes related to solving social problems. Power mongering corrupts those purposes.

The first reason why mongering power corrupts is because the purpose is personal gain in conflict with reality. There is no such thing as power which is not in conflict with reality. Even if power is needed to win wars or stop crime, conflict with reality is the defining principle. But such use of power is also objectively defined, which means it is not supposed to be used for personal gain.

This does not mean fighting fire with fire is the highest of social standards, as Reagan promoted it, or even an acceptable social standard. The problem and solution are not equivalents in the necessities of winning wars or stopping crime. Justice and injustice are not equivalents. The fire is in perpetrating injustices, and the solution is in ending injustices. For these reasons, the fire is supposed to be fought with water, not more fire. Fighting fire with fire is creating problems not solving them.

Incompetents taking over social structures might sound too easy to be credible. It occurs because incompetents align with other incompetents to promote similar values and purposes. There is a highly developed sociology to mongering power. The use of force is the primary tactic. Rationality is vulnerable to impositions through force. Force is applied through the darkness of concealment opposing the openness and accountability needed for rationality.

This isn't to say that every ignorant and incapable person is a power monger. It is in fact the fake winners who are the power mongers. No one can know enough about anything; it is going beyond capabilities that corrupts the process.

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