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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

How Power Mongering Works


Bigotry is the assumption that power is virtue and powerlessness is corruption.

The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Incompetents who want to get more out of life than they are worth take over social structures and use them as a source of power. Social structures are not designed for that purpose. They are designed for objective purposes related to solving social problems in meeting human needs. Power mongering corrupts those purposes.

Incompetents taking over social structures might sound too easy to be credible. It occurs because like-minded persons align with each other to promote similar values and purposes. There is a highly developed sociology to mongering power. The use of force is the primary tactic. Rationality is vulnerable to impositions through force. Force is applied through the darkness of concealment opposing the openness and accountability needed for rationality.

The resulting power structure engulfs everything at the top of society shaping most of what occurs in the social structures. The structure of power always expands and grows; it never gets smaller. While rational and competent persons might ignore it, it swallows up the unwary who are controlled by it and exploit it.

Corrupt persons exploiting power assume the security of power to be a product of knowledge and virtue, while it is a product of force and intimidation. They get a lot of things wrong in their heads, virtually reversed, because darkness removes corrective influences, and success with power is substituted for constructivity. Power structures always self-destruct as their increasing impositions create conflicts with other influences.

Persons who can understand the difference between corrupt ignorance and knowledgeable rationality do not monger power.
Conflict with Technicalities

Power mongers cannot handle complexities because of their incompetence. It means they don't solve technical problems. All social structures acquire complex problems which have to be solved. Unsolved problems endlessly accumulate under the control of power mongers.

overriding layer

Power mongering creates a layer of existence over the top of the technicalities which are supposed to be accounted for. The two layers are not compatible with each other. It is not possible to monger power and solve problems at the same time.

Incompetence is why corrupters monger power in the first place. They are not capable of solving problems. They then create a process which is in conflict with the demands for solving problems.

The process of mongering power is to use force to overwhelm rationality. The force medium is in conflict with the reality medium. It is necessary for corrupt power mongers to use force to subdue reality, because their incompetence must become irrelevant. Only an absence of reality makes their incompetence irrelevant.

This is why power mongers will never explain their claims or allow criticism. Explanations and criticism put them in conflict with the reality medium, where they always lose. To be winners, they must make the reality medium irrelevant.

Power mongers want there to be fewer technicalities attempting to reduce their conflict with the world around them. They are anti-progressive and reductionistic for this reason, and they oppose government regulations because of the increased complexities which they create. Power mongers don't know what filing cabinets are for, and they try to do things without them.

Conservatives promote what they call small government (small in results but big in waste, fraud and abuse) and deregulation, because they need a state of existence which does not require filing cabinets due to their inability to handle complexities.

The process of mongering power is contrivance which has no functionality. It's designed for appearance only. It's like a corporation which produces only pictures of products but never functional products.

Absolutism erases the Complexities

Any explanation would expose the incompetence and fraud of power mongers. The fix is to absolutize. With absolute positions, there are no complexities to explain.

The clearest example right now is the drive for 100% renewable energy. It isn't possible, so why not a smaller percent? Any other number would require an explanation and some credible evidence. The 100% figure erases all analysis. Corrupters know they are never going to get to 100%, but by striving for it, they don't have to evaluate the subject.

Doesn't absolutism leave a shortage of credibility? It certainly does, but corrupters have big problems, and credibility is sacrificed in the turmoil. Instead of credibility, corrupters us force and violence to get their way. Their reaction to criticism is to be more overwhelming instead of more credible.

Contrivance Creates Nonfunctionality

The social order is deteriorating due to an inability of power mongers to produce a constructive result. They became power mongers because of their incompetence. Instead of real qualifications determining their power, it was collaboration with other power mongers that allowed them to take over the social structures.

It isn't just the persons at the top who did this. Power can be mongered at any social level where there are social structures to be exploited. And the different power sources are all linked together by common purposes and standards.

What this means is that power mongering became a force that permeated society. It is in all of the institutions and activities and the reason why they are deteriorating.

Consider journalism as an example. Information is getting scarce, while promoting causes becomes the purpose. To a large extent, journalists shape the reality and assumptions of society. The latest uproar over so-called fake news shows the standard of using journalism to promote instead of inform. Journalists should be digging into the details which would clarify and expose fakery instead of leaving the fakery hanging as if it were another version of truth.

The net effect of poor quality journalism is to allow fantasy realities to grow in society. The major fantasies are greenhouse gases, renewable energy, carbon free electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and travel to other planets. The fraud of these subjects is easy to explain, but journalists are stonewalling the criticism to monger power through the fakeries.

It takes falsehoods to monger power. The reason is because truth defeats corruption, while falsehoods are safe from the power of truth. Falsehoods are promoted through force rather than truth or rationality.

Since power mongering works for power mongers, the products of false realities are considered to have a greater value than truth. Contrivance is exploitable by incompetents, while truth is not.

With such ignorance, power mongers attack the rationality which exposes their corruption. After they purge rationality from a subject, they expect someone to solve their problems. A large part of journalism now days is bitching about no one solving the problems.

Hardcore journalism (mainstream media) is often above this level, but it is a dwindling standard, even within legacy media, while social fantasies continuously increase in replacing rationality.

Darkness Replaces Rationality

The darkness of concealment overwhelms rationality. Rational persons cannot function without openness and accountability.

The reason is because rationality is an individual effort; and it is complex and vulnerable to interference. In the dark, the process is prevented from occurring by incompetents who feel a threat from rationality. They function as a group in the dark with no accountability to inhibit their corruptions.

Only openness creates the accountability which prevents attacks upon rationality. Corrupters cannot openly admit what they do in attacking rationality, so they are subdued where there is openness.

Because of the inability of corrupters to do their corrupting where there is openness and accountability, they create as much darkness around their activity as possible. They do not want others to know what they are doing. They lie and conceal to prevent it from happening. They are like terrorists who walk around with a mask on to conceal their identity.

As rationality deteriorates in society, and incompetent corrupters acquire more power, darkness descends upon society, because it is the preferred environment for corrupters to operate in. There is less and less information in the news and less and less explanation with science.

Corrupters bitch and expect someone to solve their problems. It can't be done in the absence of rationality which is created with the darkness.

As power mongers invest in corruption as the answer to their problems, any sight of real constructivity based on rationality tells them that they are committed to failure. Instead of changing directions, they attack the rationality which prevents them from pretending. Corruption is something they invest in, and they don't want someone to reduce the value of their investment by exposing it to truth.

Positiveness is Required

Power mongers must be positive about social corruptions, because they are responsible for the negative consequences of the corruptions. Positiveness is a method of blocking out criticism, which is a negative thing. Pretending that negativism is a corruption is a self-righteous way of preventing criticism.

This is what bureaucrats mean when they harp on cynicism; they are trying to project criticism into the realm of evil. Otherwise, cynicism is supposed to be a virtue—a recognition of the wide-spread nature of corruption, though dictionaries will produce a variety of propaganda definitions. Dictionaries define sarcasm as an "attempt to hurt," while it is the only realistic way to expose evil. Notice in these examples that one of the main concerns of corrupters is to combat criticism by casting it as a corruption.

Corrupters find that being too simple with positivism would be ineffective. Simple harping would be too easy to defy. So the need to be positive is expressed as fantasizing to a point of propaganda. Power mongers fantasize on the marvelous things their corruptions accomplish. An example would be "freedom fighters" stopping communism. All freedom fighters were was a bunch of criminals sent out to murder farmers in Nicaragua. But conservatives, with Reagan at the helm, lavished praise onto them as the knights in white armor saving democracy from communism. If democracy were really being saved from communism, it would have to be truth that produced the result, not murder.

Reaganism was the transition to the new normal of glorifying corruption. With thirty six years of water under that bridge, it now includes fake liberalism. When politicians dared call themselves liberals (before 1981), they described liberalism as promoting equal opportunity by solving problems for the lower classes and disadvantaged persons. What self-proclaimed liberals do now days is fantasize fake technology as the answer to everything. Fantasy gives them the same self-righteous purpose that conservative had in stopping communism. With no relationship to reality, they can pretend to be solving everyone's problems through their incompetent corruption.

The examples are stopping global warming and producing renewable energy and carbon free, electrical transportation which is self-driving under the control of artificial intelligence. Promoting those purposes means incompetents are superior to the rest of us who call it fakery. The fakes supposedly have answers through technology which will exist in the future, a future which is always in the future, while the rest of us don't have answers. The lower classes pay through the nose for the increase in energy prices and expensive junk.

A recent example is describing the historic closing of retail stores as resulting from too many being built decades ago instead of the problem being no available money to spend by the lower ninety percent of society. It's a form of scapegoating. Supposedly someone got something wrong decades ago, not that there is anything wrong with the way the economy is being run.

A broader manifestation is that journalists no longer determine what the causes of problems are or describe important information that people need to know about them. Instead, they spin stories. Hardly any looking would be required to tell them that the 97% of scientists agreeing upon global warming was a fraudulently produced number. Even conservatives could determine how fraudulent the "peer reviewed" publication was, and they are really dumb. But the mainstream media can't figure it out, even though peer reviewed science is not supposed to be producing such publications (Guessing at someone's opinion is not a scientific measurement.). And the mainstream media is what is called liberal now days. They are about as liberal as the fascists and Nazis were. It's the lower classes who pay the price for screwing up the energy and transportation systems.

The Human Standard is Thrown Out

Power mongers discard the human standard for some cockamamie purpose. The claimed purpose is the convenience of the power mongers at someone else's expense.

That is, when looking downward. When looking upward, power mongers bend over backwards for persons above them. It's because power mongering is climbing the social ladder by attaching to everyone above them and separating from everyone below them. Corrupters assume that a person is what he attaches to. Associate with nobodies, and you are a nobody. Associate with somebodies, and you are a somebody.

Rational persons are not that way. They assume that what they are worth is what they are worth, not what someone else is worth. Worthless persons need to masquerade their worth in terms of someone else's worth.

But this concept is a contextual tangent. The point is, human standards are sacrificed in the process.

Human standards are the requirements for life. People cannot live without certain standards of rationality. In simple terms, it means respecting other peoples' needs. There is no respecting of powerless and vulnerable persons when incompetents are climbing the social ladder.

As the starting point for life, human standards are as inviolable as the right to life. Discarding human standards is a method of preventing people from living.

The problem is, the human standard is never discussed and never considered in social disputes. Instead, convenience for mongering power takes precedent. An example is so-called asset forfeiture. It's the same as highway robbery. The authorities make huge amounts of money from it. Sometimes it's drug money, but sometimes not.

The human standard says some other method of doing things is required. You can't just rip people off for convenience. The human standard comes first, because life is impossible without it. Making life impossible for the lower classes is a contempt for the human standard.

An example for persons with power and status is contract law. Contracts musts be inviolable, or business does not function. For the lower classes, contracts are a joke to be mocked, using such things as fine print, which often has no definable meaning, to make a mockery of the human standard.

Originally, laws were designed around the human standard. But that was years gone by. One of the things characterizing social deterioration is that the human standard is no longer the starting point of law. Convenience for power mongers in ripping people off is the usual defining principle of recent standards.

It's the new normal. Normal is being replaced by abnormal called the new normal. Normal used to be, the human standard comes first and is the purpose of life. Replacing it is the use of any excuse for trashing the human standard for low class or vulnerable persons. Conversely, no law can be applied to persons with power, because the human standard is more important than lawlessness, unless powerful persons break from the flock and do something in conflict with it.

The process is to use excuses, particular economic convenience, as the reason why human standards are to be trashed for vulnerable persons. Contrast is needed to promote the hierarchical social ladder. The powerful are so in love with life that nothing must disturb their convenience.

Justice and Injustice Disappear

Justice is only relevant to human concerns. It disappears in the materialism of making excuses for exploitation.

Even court decisions are no longer framed in terms of justice but in terms of mechanisms. One of the steps in leading to this result was stripping judges of the right to decide and align decisions upon the realities at hand. Legislated sentencing was used for this purpose. Conservatives did this concocting a pseudo-ethic called tough on crime. Stripping humanity from the courts would supposedly reduce crime. Instead, it filled the prisons with nonviolent "offenders."

A fake ethic stripped of humanness, justice and rationality is what conservatives have been promoting. But they claim to be redefining justice in terms of some other purpose at the expense of individuals. The value disappears in a fake good-of-all for the simple reason that the all must be made of individuals. Such terms as good-of-all or common good are, of course, never used by conservatives, since those terms are too "communistic." But who then is it being done for, as individuals are sacrificed to the machine—the machine that sacrifices humans to power mongering purposes?

A telling example of how power mongers promote materialism over human concerns is where the Nazis used to collect trivial items from the people whom they murdered, categorized and documented every item including shoe strings which they had no real use for, attempting to promote materialism above the lives of humans. Similarly, they ate caviar and Champaign at Auschwitz to make a mockery of the starving people, while the rest of the Nazis couldn't afford hamburgers and were burning wood in their automobiles.

Corrupters are trying to promote a set of values that are required for them to succeed at mongering power to replace the rationality required to solve human problems.

Stripping Rationality

To strip the human concerns from what humans do is to strip the rationality. What is left without humans?

Conflict and stupidity create a force medium which replaces the reality medium. Power mongering puts the force medium in conflict with the reality medium. After getting committed to power mongering, hard core power mongers are fighting for the domination of the force medium over the reality medium which includes a war against rationality.

The force medium includes contrivances which replace reality such as the social fantasies including global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles and travel to other planets. In science, relativity serves the same purpose of replacing the reality medium with a force medium. The force is in the impositions of Einstein worship in place of science based upon measured evidence.

These fantasies are unrealistic to a point of mockery, because the hard core promoters are trying to prevail with the force medium which they can win at with no ability to produce rationality in a competent manner. There is no wrong way to screw something up, which makes winners of incompetents in the force medium.

For these reasons, most promoters of global warming could not care less what the truth is; they are exploiting fakery as a method of mongering power, because they are incompetent losers who cannot handle rationality in a competitive manner.

Fusion Energy is an Example

Fusion energy is an example of how power mongering misdirects social activities. There is no energy in fusion reactions. It was the misdefinition of energy that led Einstein to assume there would be energy in fusion. There has been a continuous process of corruption over the past 170 years rationalizing a false equation for defining energy as the basis for the belief in fusion energy. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on the fiasco. Atom smashes get extremely large (The Large Hadron Collider is 17 miles in circumference.) attempting to produce fusion energy, while there is no such thing.

Science cannot get that much wrong without being misdirected. Mongering power is what misdirects the science. Any number of scientists could have corrected the errors, but they were not allowed to by power mongers who had to prevail with their ignorance.

It's the path that matters, not the conclusions. A proper path in science (or anyplace else) puts an end to the nonsense and adds rationality to the subject. Corrupters have a different path that they follow attempting to replace rationality with their ignorance to monger power.

Consensus as Power

Consensus as power allows a lowering of social standards. This is why social fantasies have been increasing. They are a source of power which does not require accuracy of rationality. Incompetents can get a lot wrong with social fantasies. Therefore, there are a lot more persons involved than there would be with standards of rationality applied to demanding technology. The power of numbers takes off where fantasies replace rationality.

Self-Righteous Corruption

Incompetent power mongers impose their subjective concerns onto everyone, because they are out of contact with objective reality. Subjectivity is not valid or acceptable in the social environment. Yet corrupters consider subjectivity to be superior to objective rationality. In fact, they fight a self-righteous war against rationality assuming that it can never be constructive. Since they cannot produce rationality, they assume no one else can either, and trying to do something that is impossible is assumed to be certain failure.

They don't understand that all that society has acquired was produced through rationality, not someone imposing their subjectivity onto others. They keep failing to accomplish anything through imposed subjectivity but they keep trying, because they don't understand rationality.

This is why it's assumed to be ok to lie about science and technology. No one could actually believe that gravity waves were actually measured or 100% renewable energy is possible—at least after the evidence is described. Yet the frauds persist, because lying is supposedly the answer to something. Lying is a contempt for objective reality and rationality as the answer to problems.

Substitution of Values

To put themselves above others, power mongers reconstruct social values around themselves. If it isn't their doing, it is not the purpose of life. If the only thing they could do is build a doghouse, then anyone who isn't building a doghouse is a drag on society and must be stomped under. The doghouse which they build and promote is their elitism and bigotry.

Power mongers are supposed to be the answer to everything simply because it is them doing it. Why must there be a tax overhaul every time conservatives acquire power? Because they know society needs a tax overhaul, even if lesser persons don't.

Since power mongers are incapable of functioning in a relevant way, they have to promote something other than constructivity as the supposed purpose in life. That something which they represent is gossipy, trivial reality. They pump gossipy, trivial reality to the skies, because it is the only thing they can produce. And to make it the most important thing in existence, they must pretend that relevance, rationality and constructivity are some sort of threat to existence.

They are shifting human values away from rational relevance to gossipy trivia to make themselves important, while they are worthless. Trying to frame rationality as a corruption puts them in conflict with constructivity.

Construction of a Parallel Structure

Social structures are not constructed to be vertically aligned. Corrupters need a vertically aligned power structure. It cannot be far removed from the social structures that are exploited for power. So there is a re-application of social structures to create a vertical alignment.

The relationship between corruption and life is a game of parallelisms. To exploit life, corrupters need a close relationship to it while they alter it for their purposes. While life consists of horizontal relationships, corrupters turn it into vertical relationships. It might appear that there is a vertical food chain, but it is an trivial effect embedded into millions of other effects which are bound to include almost any possible pattern. There is nothing vertical about metabolism. A gradient of small to large is not vertical except in the minds of persons who want to see (or contrive) verticalness in everything.

The relationship between rich and poor would be horizontal, except that corrupters influence the result so thoroughly that they attach vertical assumptions to the relationships. The same is true of everything in life. Rational persons relate to everything in horizontal terms, while corrupters relate to everything in vertical terms.

Years ago, when industrious persons were constructing the modern world, they basically came out of the lower classes. They moved horizontally in developing a world which included everyone equally. As corrupters took over the result, they re-aligned everything in vertical terms.

Conflicting Purposes

Power mongers have a wrong purpose in life. It is wrong by every criterion. Basically, their purpose in life is to climb their fake social ladder. That purpose is wrong by the criterion that it destroys life. Life is made of inviolable relationships between realities which are put there by life. No one can change the result.

Corrupters actually have a quasi philosophy (actually a nonsensical slogan) telling themselves that they can change how life is constructed. They assume they can change reality through agreement. They try to define reality as agreement or consensus trying to convince themselves that they can change the fabric of life by controlling everyone's views to create total agreement. But it is as idiotic as assuming they can make gravity go upward through agreement. Life includes laws of physics which removes the essence of life from the arbitrariness of corrupters.

The essence of life must be constructed and maintained by subservience to the laws of the universe as objective realities. Corrupters despise that purpose, as it leaves them as the incompetents that they are in their inabilities to relate constructively to objective reality through rationality.


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