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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

A Problem with Abstract Reality

Minds require a process for relating one reality to another. Without that process, abstract reality does not exist in minds. Without abstract reality, there is no ability to evaluate or predict, which means no common sense. Without common sense, reality is wished into existence in defiance of evidence to the contrary.

On other pages, a major social problem is described in terms the result. What we see is a belief system in place of science and fantasies being constructed in place of realistic technology.

There is a basic underlying problem. It's an inability to related to abstract reality properly.

Abstract reality determines the difference between truth and untruth, between a belief system and science, between fantasy and real. The recent society has disconnected from abstract realities and therefore cannot get anything right in the abstract area.

Persons without abstract reality in their minds disconnect from cause-and-effect relationships and align upon values as the determining influence over results.

An example is discontinuing government activities and giving the money to the rich as a method of stimulating the economy. There is no mechanism to it. It's expecting values to produce a result in the absence of reality.

It's like someone likes ice cream a lot, so they assume that the reason why they don't make enough money is because they don't eat enough ice cream.

A few persons could blow away a lot of falsehoods through criticism, but criticism is not allowed. More basically, positivism is required, while criticism is negative. The reason why positivism is required is because it is a catch-all justification for being wrong. Instead of losing arguments, anything negative is disallowed. There is no such thing as losing an argument in the absence of negativism. It's called ass kissing.

Persons who cannot handle abstract realities have taken over sources of power including the media. They purify their world of ignorance by disallowing negativism.

But there is a strange twist to this problem. The deciders (persons who control power and make decisions, even at a micro level) can be negative. It's their opponents who can't.

You see this in dictators. Everyone must worship the dictator or be thrown in jail. Does the dictator worship the persons below him? He beats them to a pulp. Opposite standards cannot be understood by persons who cannot handle abstract realities. There is no such thing as a contradiction in the minds of persons who cannot handle abstract realities.

Such persons float over the surface of reality. They deal with perceivable realities only, which eliminates all determining influences over truth vs. falsehoods. With there being no such thing as a falsehood, social fantasies run wild, such as renewable energy, carbon free electric vehicles, etc.

Promoters of falsehoods must purify their falsehoods, because falsehoods are vulnerable to any dissent. The purifying process is what we see with global warming. No dissent is being allowed. Supposedly, 97% of the scientists have spoken and the science is settled.

The central point of this problem is a red line which no one can cross in the newly purified social order. That red line is the use of abstract reality. All social realities must now be superficial and perceivable.

What Abstract Reality Is

So it's important to understand what abstract realities are. The definition of abstract reality is nonperceivable reality. That concept might look like total contrivance. Ignoramuses say, seeing is believing. On that basis, all abstract reality is garbage—it's not seeing to believe.

But abstract realities include all science. Is science garbage because it is abstract? Yes, in the new world order. All real science is garbage. Science now days must start at some desired end point—sometimes simply glorifying power mongers, as with the fake measurement of gravity waves—and be used to promote a cause rather then produce truth. Scientists who disagree are shoved out.

All engineering is abstract reality. Are engineers producing garbage? Yes, in the new world order. If they aren't producing a wanton fantasy, such as carbon free electric vehicles, they need to find something else to do. You say new products are rolling off the assembly line every day. If so, you are living in a fantasy world.

The social order is grinding to a halt, because new products and solutions are not being allowed. Steve Jobs had to fight tooth and claw to get the smart phone produced, and he is still ridiculed by haters of truth. Cheap and safe nuclear reactors could be produced, but opponents will not allow any progress in that area. Everyone on the planet could be eating pure and wholesome organic food, but naysayers will not allow solutions to problems. They consider progress to be a chemical swamp for agriculture. The health care industry is much more efficient in most countries than the U.S., because solving problems is not allowed in the U.S. The new world order is based on superficiality, which disallows problem solving activities.

Superficial realities can be shaped for any purpose, as long as they are not connected to the universe of abstract realities. As superficial contrivances are depended upon, the abstract reality which would produce the truth about them becomes more and more of a threat and is more and more obliterated from the social realities.

Abstract reality makes connections between realities. No abstract reality, no connections. Without connections between realities, there is no difference between truth and falsehood. The definition of truth is, consistent relationships between realities. The relationships between realities are abstract, not perceivable.

It means truth is obliterated from a world which cannot tolerate abstract realities. In place of truth, contrivances aligned upon motives create the social realities.

There is a clear and simple window for this large subject. It is the need for explanations. All claims need to have explanations with them. Explanations are omitted with corrupt communication.

Without explanations, nothing can move forward. We are stuck with the corruptions and motives of the persons who impose themselves upon us. If they don't know enough about a subject to produce explanations, they are not supposed to be making claims.

Persons who cannot understand abstract realities never include explanations with their claims, because explanations add abstract realities to the claims. Such persons have no business telling anyone anything. Yet they are the imposers of social fantasies and obstacles to progress in solving problems.

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