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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

The Bliss of Ignorance is the New Normal

Standards of rationality are deteriorating in society. The deterioration is a reversion back to a thirteenth century mentality, where superstition ruled. Science replaced that mentality with evidence based rationality. As science is drifting out of view, a primitiveness is replacing it.

This problem is on the surface and highly visible with global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles and self-driving. There is a social routine to it. At first, rational scientists and engineers describe the limitations of the subject. They then get pushed aside while thirteenth century superstition takes over the subject. It comes from incompetent scientists aligned with social activists.

Isn't it strange that the reputation of science is needed to cement in the fraud, while the standards of science are reduced to garbage. Such is the nature of exploitation. Exploitation is a process of destroying what one relies upon.

At this point, the science problem is out of view. The problem in view is the communication standard, which more or less means the journalism and quasi journalism of activists.

The method of communication of social disputes is not valid or respectable. Standards are every bit as critical with communication as anywhere else. When the standards are not valid, nothing that follows is valid or respectable.

The standard of communication that is prevailing in social disputes is characterized as "the bliss of ignorance." It means everything in question is omitted from the subject matter, so the only points being made are designed for blowing over ignorant fools.

Ignorance is bliss for corrupt persons, because they consider it to be superior to rationality. They assume rationality is for fools, since they have no ability to evaluate it. They assume everyone else is as incapable of producing rationality as they are; and therefore, anyone who tries is ignorant. The enlightenment of corruption is knowing that everything comes out of nowhere—that is, as long as it is us doing it.

The most extreme example is the claim that 100% renewable energy is possible and necessary. The laws of physics say no one can get past 15% renewables at this time, which is before petroleum is replaced with electricity. The examples prove it. Europeans are building coal and nuclear plants, because they can't get past 15% renewables as wind and solar.

Yet quacks produce any amount of blather to prove that 100% renewables are on the way. The vast amount of physics that is defied is a worship of ignorance.


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