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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

How Lack of Common Sense Works

The major social fantasies show a lack of common sense. They include global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and travel to other planets.

The common sense of these subjects indicates the following:

On global warming, humans are producing a miniscule result compared to what nature has been doing. The persons who lack common sense assume that nothing has changed in nature until humans came along. The hockey stick graph is supposed to create that impression in minds, and many persons say it is the most important point that convinces them.

For renewables, common sense shows that there is not enough space or resources to create renewables, because the energy sources are extremely dilute. Concentrating the energy doesn't pay.

For electric vehicles, common sense shows that too much energy is wasted in converting it into electricity someplace else and then moving it into vehicles. Also, batteries will never be suitable because of the chemicals, rare metals, space and weight required.

For self-driving vehicles, common sense shows that there is no real reason for doing it, even if it worked flawlessly. People do not need to be doing something else in a vehicle. The non-drivers get quite bored. Also, assuming that all of the complexities can be programmed is a lack of common sense.

For artificial intelligence, common sense indicates that no computer will ever be able to do something that humans minds cannot program it to do, and human minds get snowed with programming awful easy. The impressive results of computers are in taking a slow and long human analysis and speeding it up. Persons without common sense don't know that.

For space travel, no suitable energy source exists or can be imagined. All energy sources in space have to lose mass, and not enough mass can be added at the start to do much.

The lack of common sense on these subjects is due to an inability to encompass enough complexity in the mind to add things up properly. Some persons do not acquire enough knowledge to take into account the complexities of a subject.

Ignorance, however, is not quite the same thing as lack of common sense. The difference is in drawing improper conclusions instead of drawing no conclusions where knowledge leaves off.

There are mind glitches that develop in corrupt minds that cause them to draw improper conclusions. Some analogies are needed for conceptualizing the abstractions.

Say an advancing army has a visible weapon out front, such as an artillery piece. A rational persons might assume that there are other weapons behind it that militaries use. Someone without common sense would plug in absurdities, like the green Martians are coming. We see such absurdities in how fake news is interpreted in ridiculous ways.

The mind glitch is in substituting something in the mind for objective reality. The person might have been reading fiction on green Martians causing them to plug in artificial material related to green Martians.

Not being able to differentiate between the synthetic reality in their minds and objective reality is the problem. It's like looking at a tree and seeing an automobile. Something inside the mind replaces something in external, objective reality.

Persons without common sense not only have a deficiency of knowledge, they have a mental habit of substituting in subjective assumptions for the objective reality which they cannot understand.

Such persons are highly vulnerable to being fed propaganda. The artificial reality replaces objective reality in their assumptions. If they had developed knowledge in their minds, the bad reality would not be accepted and would not be replacing objective reality.

How Global Warming Lacks Common Sense

A tiny amount of something can never heat a large amount of something under any set of conditions. Nothing resembling it is found anywhere in science including parts per million greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Heat doesn't do that without nuclear reactions. The second law of thermodynamics says heat dissipates, all the time, everywhere, without exception.

Scientists who miss this simple fact do not understand science. They just move words around.

There is nothing resembling a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. What greenhouses do is block convectional currents (keep wind out) by using glass or plastic. There is no such barrier in the atmosphere. So why use the term "greenhouse" for atmospheric effects?

Adding the term "trapping" with it emphasizes the same point. Glass or plastic traps heat in a greenhouse. nothing can trap heat in the atmosphere.

Such terms are used because persons without common sense actually assume carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat and creates a greenhouse effect. A large percent of the scientists assume the same thing. They prevailed in science, because the journalists promoted the corruption and attacked and excluded the real science.

Why do scientists keep referring to a greenhouse effect, when there is no such thing in the atmosphere? Because they actually believe there is. Scientists use terminology in a precise way. When they say greenhouse effect, they assume there is a greenhouse effect. To see a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is a lack of common sense.


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