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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

Truth exposes incompetence. Fakery allows incompetents to acquire power.

Social Decay

An extreme amount of fakery that has developed in society is a measure of social decay and an arrow pointing to the consequences. Power is the plain and simple purpose of the fakery. To describe the errors says nothing new; only the why and consequence is in dispute.

In other words, you can't wake someone who isn't sleeping. The errors are known, superficially. Supposedly, errors are the answer to something—that is, when it is "us" doing it for our motives. Explaining why not is the challenge.

Several elements of corruption can be picked off as context. Absolutizing eliminates the need to explain complexities. If renewables are going to be 100%, no analysis is needed for drawing a line at a lower percent. That's how absolutizing works.

Power requires fake realities, because truth exposes incompetence. So reality is replaced by the power of consensus as a method of prevailing.

No opposition is allowed. Critics supposedly contaminate the truth and drag down the noble purpose.

Costs in dollars and human misery are a necessary price to pay for advancing the cause.

The project is not inconspicuous; it is in-your-face imposition of a noble cause. To some extent, promoting corruption is the cause and purpose.

Corrupt communication looks nothing like rationality. There is a lot corrupters do not want anyone to know; so they omit key information which is needed for evaluation. We then have to depend upon their wisdom and virtue, and the result is a war of us-against-them instead of rationality based on objective reality.

Journalists have been applying this standard to shaping the social realities aligned upon their causes for whatever reason. Since weak minded persons must flow with the crowd, exploitable social fantasies rose to prevail in every relevant area.

In science, the result was that journalists brought incompetent scientists to the surface, while real scientists were shoved out. Endless summaries for policy makers dripped with subjective equivocation where scientific objectivity was required. Journalists filled in the blanks with wishful thinking in defiance of meager admonishments by scientists.

The cost has been rising above the symbolic level, where the price of electricity tripled in a few places in the US and increased by a factor of five in a large part of Europe. Only the lower classes felt the difference.

The fantasy train is just starting to roll, and the price is more than the dollars. Environmental damage is already a problem, and it would eventually put an end to the whole project, if nothing else did first. There wouldn't be enough space on the surface of the earth for the clutter required for 100% renewable energy, if it were physically possible, and it isn't.

The clutter and environmental damage is hardly being mentioned around the periphery of the panacea verbiage. The victims are voiceless, while the media throbs with the excitement of incompetents finally getting their denied rewards of running other peoples' lives as the solution to their problems.

An invisible brick wall has already stopped the technology part of the fantasies. You don't see the wall, as fantasizers bury reality in contrivance. A wall stops renewables (as wind and solar) at about 15% of total electricity, because fluctuations cannot be removed. Europeans are building coal, natural gas and nuclear plants, as they have already hit the brick wall.

There is also a wall for electric vehicles. Legacy auto makers evaluated electric vehicles decades ago and found them to be nonfunctional. Bureaucrats required auto makers to get back into the electric vehicle business, while the public has no use for the things.

Self-driving has made no advances in several years, as there is no concept beyond the tinker-toy level. No one can decide what self-driving should be based upon, so endless computer data is being acquired with no ability to evaluate it.

Carbon dioxide killing the kids and pets can be imagined forever, but nothing can be done about the non-problem without damaging the environment.

These problems at the technical level are having no influence upon the social fantasies, because technology is only the pretext. The purpose is power mongering by incompetents who would have nothing without corrupt reality.


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