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The cause of corruption is power mongering by incompetent persons.

The Sociology of Global Warming

Water usually has a little bit of nitrate in it, because nitrate often comes down with the rain. Nitrate absorbs radiation. Is nitrate heating the water? Is it going to kill the polar bears?

That's how bat ding crazy it is to say the atmosphere is doing the same thing. There is very little difference. The atmosphere and water are both transparent fluids. Where's the difference?

This is what real scientists see in global warming. So the question is, how could all of the rest of the scientists be wrong. First of all, they aren't. The division has always been about fifty-fifty, until critics in science lost their ability to get grants and publish.

The next question is, how could half of the scientists get it so wrong. Science is so demanding that a lot of scientists just memorize slogans and learn nothing. Being worthless in a laboratory, they head for the bureaucracies.

There is a strange truism about human behavior that persons who know nothing do not allow anyone to disagree with them. The problem has been shaping science for at least a century. There were a lot of physicists disagreeing with relativity at first, since it is nothing resembling science. The science bureaucrats put an end to the disagreements by withholding funding from any physics department which harbored critics of relativity. Now the science bureaucrats are doing the same thing with global warming.


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