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We are supposedly walking on the heat of white hot metals, according to the official science of climatology.

Climatologists claim that 79% of the energy leaving the surface of the earth is in the form of radiation (the rest being conduction and evaporation). White hot metals could not emit 79% radiation under atmospheric conditions. So the NASA lab tried to reduce it to 41% radiation, but they failed, because the 79% figure is in all IPCC reports being based upon the Stefan-Boltzmann constant which is in error.

This radiation is used to determine global warming, as the radiation is absorbed by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Any error in the number is error in the temperature increase.

There would be about 1-3% radiation in the average energy leaving from the ground (at 15C), and somewhat less leaving from the oceans. The net average would be around 1%. This means an error factor of 79 (7900%) in the claimed determination of temperature increase due to greenhouse gases.

The counter-argument of physicists is that the same amount of radiation is absorbed as emitted, and therefore, large numbers for radiation are really normal. There are endless scientific principles contradicted in their claim.

Radiation is extremely weak, which means the numbers cannot be large for radiation. When working with electronics, very little cooling occurs through radiation; it's mostly conduction and convection. The average wind on the surface of the earth is like a strong fan being used to cool electronics.

Radiation absorbed while emitted does not shift the ratio for emission. Claiming 79% radiation and 21% conduction and evaporation is just as ridiculous with radiation being absorbed. There is no difference between energy absorbed by radiation and energy absorbed by conduction. The earth acquires energy from below through conduction, which does not shift the ratio higher for radiation.

Radiation absorbed is unrelated to radiation emitted. Only the temperature determines the amount of radiation emitted. To heat something causes more radiation to be emitted; it does not cause more radiation to be absorbed. Which means the amount emitted does not equal the amount absorbed. The environment determines how much radiation is available to be absorbed.