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Errors in Physics and Technology

Over the past 40 years, I did mushroom research on a farm in South Dakota. But the temperatures for mushrooms were only cool enough in the winter time, so I spent the summers working with electronics and looking into problems in science and technology and conducting physics experiments evaluating the misdefinition of energy.

It's not that physics experiments can prove something; in many cases they never will. And that's the point. Most kinetic energy experiments can never succeed, because elastic force cannot be separated from inelastic force. Only elastic force can be measured, while it is inelastic force which converts into heat.

Taking a hard look at experimental problems is necessary for evaluating science and technology, as social results are showing. Unfortunately, activists and journalists have hijacked those subjects seeking status quo, consensus and the imagination of celebrity figures as the source of truth, while critics and engineers are ignored in attempting to correct their errors. Why would white rhinos (less imaginary than unicorns) be charting our future unless they knew how to derive truth out of gnostic fantasies? The problem is that the media only allow one version of reality to exist, while they guess wrong on which alternatives to pick.

So I resorted to mathematical proof to show that energy has been misdefined in physics. The math could be verified by a high school student who has studied physics and calculus. Simple math doesn't lie; complex math always does. Physicists use complex math to obfuscate their contrivances, while they can't add and subtract.

I first constructed electronic devices for mushroom research and household purposes. I then found improved ways to design amplifies and measure capacitance. All amplifiers including chip amplifiers called operational amplifiers should use the new output which I invented, as it improves performance by about a factor of ten, but no one was interested beyond a few hobbyists. This obstructionism is what all inventers run into. They have to do their own patenting, manufacturing and selling, because industry will not have anything to do with them. The reason is jealousy. Groups want their work to be their own.

The capacitance measuring method which I designed will measure at least 100,000 times more precisely than other designs for absolute value measurements and 10 million times more precisely for relative measurements which require very few components. I show measurements into the atto farad range with absolute value precision. It could be extended into the zepto farad range with simplifications. This method of measurement would have been used for producing touch screen displays, as hinted in emails which I was getting from engineering students, but no one said so directly.

In doing hands-on work with technology, a lot of detailed evaluation is involved. This experience is totally indispensible in evaluating complex technology, as social fantasies are showing. It's why Steve Jobs, with very little college education, was the designer of the smart phone. He started with hands-on work and knew what the problems and answers were. Persons who do not do hands-on work are totally unqualified to evaluate modern technology. This includes too many incompetents who have hijacked social realities through the developed fantasies of global warming, renewable energy, electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence and travel to other planets.

Fusion energy is an example of the problem. There is almost no energy in fusion reactions, but physicists assume there are vast amounts of energy in fusion due to the misdefinition of energy. Einstein mimicked the false definition of energy in squaring the velocity of light in his famous equation, E=mc˛. Unsquare the velocity of light, and the energy disappears into nothing. Yet atom smashers get extremely large trying to get energy out of fusion and always fail. Incompetents cannot be told, because stupidity creates a barrier to knowledge.

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