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The Negative Momentum Issue

Frauds won't let go of the negative momentum issue but ridicule the explanation. That attitude makes it a social issue rather than a science issue.

Some more explanation of the issue is this: The claim is that negative momentum is subtracted from positive momentum when an explosion occurs, so there is no change in momentum caused by an explosion. And therefore, momentum cannot be energy, since it is not increased during an explosion.

What is negative momentum? When someone gets hit by shrapnel, how do you tell whether it is negative momentum or positive momentum? The negative momentum is supposed to be on the opposite side of the explosion than the positive momentum. How do you determine which side of an explosion produces the negative momentum? Since there is no way to determine which side is negative, there obviously is no such thing as negative momentum.

With no such thing as negative momentum, the argument is infantile garbage. yet it is taught in the schools in beginning physics classes as the proof that momentum is not kinetic energy. The issue only shows that physicists are so incompetent and corrupt that they have to exploit such a fraud. Not being able to get over it shows their corruptness.

When physicists cannot correct such an obvious error, it shows that they are corrupt and incompetent. They cling to an infantile error as justification, because they cannot produce higher standards of science.

The issue is therefore a social issue, not a science issue. It shows the incompetence and corruptness of physicists. They can't think straight. How can they get anything else in physics right when they cannot correct such a childish error? As I show elsewhere, they don't get anything else right in physics. The whole subject of physics has been nothing but fraudulent contrivance at least since the fake Joule's experiment in 1845.

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