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Hurricane Mathematics show Global Warming is not the Cause

The atmosphere would have to cool 55C to heat the surface of the oceans 2C.

If all 0.7C heating said to be caused by humans went into the surface of the oceans, the increase would be 0.025C, and none would be left in the air.

Scientists keep saying that hurricanes are not caused by global warming. Some non-scientists keep saying they are. The promoters of causes don't let scientists get in their way.

The fact that there have been few hurricanes over the past twenty years shows the truth. On top of that, simple math shows why. The atmosphere would have to lose 55C to heat the top 100 meters of the ocean 2C. At least a 2C temperature increase on the surface of the oceans would be needed to increase hurricanes significantly.

This is because air has very low heat capacity. It means the heat gets sucked out of air without doing much to the water it enters. Melting Arctic ice with air is even more ridiculous, as ice requires 80 times as much heat as warming water requires.

Ocean Heat:

The oceans cover 361 x 106 square kilometers (km) of the earth's surface.

A depth of 100 meters produces 0.1 times that many cubic kilometers, which is 361 x 105 km.

At a billion cubic meters per cubic kilometer, the water consists of 361 x 1014 cubic meters.

At 1025 kg/m, the sea water is 3.7 x 1019 kilograms.

At a specific heat of 3850 joules per kg per C or 7700 per 2C, it takes 2.85 x 1023 joules of heat to heat that much water 2C.

Atmospheric Heat:

The mass of the atmosphere is 5.15 x 1018 kg.

At a specific heat for air of 1,000 joules per kilogram per degree centigrade, there will be 5.15 x 1021 joules per C of heating.

Dividing the number of joules required to heat the water by the number of joules required in the air equals 55C of air temperature reduction.

It means the air would have to lose 55 degrees centigrade to heat the oceans 2C to a depth of 100 meters. The total heating caused by humans was only supposed to be 0.7C so far.

And greens don't need scientists to tell them global warming is not causing hurricanes. Yet any number of fake scientists are saying the oceans are heating and Arctic ice is melting due to global warming. Most persons don't believe scientists can be that wrong. Too many scientists are, because too many of them are just like the greens—they don't have a clue as to what they are doing and they move words around as if it were science.

What 0.7C Does:

Supposedly, 0.7C is the amount of heating of the near surface atmosphere that humans caused with greenhouse gases. What if all that heat went into the top 100 meters of the oceans. More absurdly, how can it still be there if it went into the oceans?

From above, it was noted that the atmosphere will produce 5.15 x 1021 joules per C of heating. At 0.7C, multiply this times 0.7, and it is 3.6 x 1021 joules.

It was noted above that the amount of water of concern weighs 3.7 x 1019 kg. Multiplying times the specific heat of 3850 joules per kg per C equals 1.4 x 1023 joules per degree centigrade. Dividing this into the 3.6 x 1021 joules above yields 0.025C.

This is how much the oceans would be heated to a depth of 100 meters if all heat supposedly produced by humans went into the oceans: 0.025C. And then there would be none in the air.

It shows that greenhouse gases would be irrelevant even if everything said about them were true. There is almost no there there in terms of joules compared to everything else. Surfaces control near-surface temperatures.

heat in atmosphere

The top 100 meters of the ocean (2.7% of the ocean) have 28 times as much heat capacity as the entire atmosphere.