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  Temperature Measurements are Fake

Fraudulent Explanation for Temperature Adjustments

The issue of temperature measurements being altered had been brewing under the surface for several years and then came to the surface recently. When Senator Inhofe said he was going to conduct a hearing, the contrivers produced a rationalization which seems to have prevailed. Their explanation was so perverse it should have been laughed off the planet, but apparently no one was around with enough scientific knowledge to question it.

Temperature measurements were/are being altered by lowering earlier ones to show a fake increase. These are land-based measurements taken from weather stations which use thermometers.

The explanation given was that earlier measurements were made in the afternoons, and later, the time of measurement was switched to mornings. So a correction was made by lowering earlier measurements.

       altered temperatures

Never do weather stations make a single measurement per day. A temperature has no meaning apart from the highs and lows. It takes more than one measurement to determine highs and lows.

Only highs and lows have been recorded for at least a century, not the least reason is that no employee (or instrument) is going to figure out what the right time of day should be, and no one who looked at it later would know what happened the rest of the day. In other words, no one with a trace of honesty would make such an asinine statement no matter how temperatures were measured.

An issue which has actually been argued for quite awhile is the "urban heat island effect." It means temperature recordings are getting warmer due to development around the measuring stations. To compensate for the result, temperature measurements need to be lowered, and disputes arise over how much. But what then is the argument given to Congress for increasing the numbers? The same excuse was given, while it goes the wrong way.

Satellite measurements showed no significant increase since they began in the seventies, but frauds required satellite results to be altered to align with the fake land measurements. And then they told Congress that the altering of land based measurements was paramount due to the continuous problems and uncertainties in the land based measurements. Maybe the satellite measurements should have been the determining influence, but the fakes cannot live with the result of the satellite measurements.

There are dramatic changes continuously caused by nature, but the average global temperature increase is very slow between ice ages. More dramatic is increased humidity cause by surface temperature increasing in the Pacific Ocean. The best guess scientists can produce for this effect is volcanoes under the Pacific Ocean creating the heat. Humidity effects are more dramatic than temperature effects, as shown with El Ninos, which cause major flooding. Temperatures vary every few miles north and south with no one giving a D.

Temperature Measurements are Fake