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Temperature Effects

Equilibrium in Atmosphere

Radiative Transfer Equations

Fudge Factor


Greenhouse Gas Mathematics

Temperature Measurements

Recent History


Firing Scientists

Acid in the Oceans

Heinz Hug Measurement

Methane is Weaker

Changing Weather

Oceans not Rising

Heating 2,500°C

Natural Log Curve

Published not as Science

Fake Ice Core Data

Ice Melt Fraud

Future Ice Age

"Delicate Balance" Fraud

Heat-Trapping Gases

Back Radiation is Absurd

The Cause of Ice Ages and Present Climate


Second Climategate

The Disputed Area

IPCC Propaganda

The Water Vapor Fraud

Back Radiation is Absurd

The 41% Fraud

The 30% Fraud

A Fake Mechanism

Global Dynamic

River, not Window

What about Argo

Heinz Hug Measurement

Hockey Stick Graph

Ice Melt

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Links for Climate Skepticism


       The Meaning of the Hacked Files -
Gary Novak
       Climategate: Caught Green-Handed -
detailed review, by Monckton
       List of Email Quotes -
       Find Emails Here -
       List of Links on Analysis -
at Prison Planet
       Scrambling the Data — Harry_Read_Me Files -
The Devil's Kitchen, 11-23-09
       data sets all from same source—CRU -
Roger Pielke, Sr
       Russian climate data falsified by CRU -
James Delingpole, 12-16-09
       How Wikipedia was Hijacked by the Conspirators -
Lawrence Solomon, 12-19-09
       CRU Emails Show Peer Review Slop -
Fred Pearce, The Guardian, 2-2-10

Second Climategate - temperature measurements were faked
       Intro, on this web site
       Report by TV Station KUSI -
       Report by Investigator, Joseph D'Aleo -
       Concluding Report by D'Aleo and Watts -
       Summarizing Column by James Delingpole -

Daily Climate News
       Climate Depot -
Marc Morano
       IceCap -
Joseph D'Aleo
       Watts Up With That -
Anthony Watts
       Climate Realists
       Hide the Decline
       Tom Nelson

Science Oriented Skeptic Web Sites
       World Climate Report -
Patrick Michaels
       Climate Audit -
Steve McIntyre
       Science and Public Policy Institute -
Monckton Articles
       CO2 Science Org -
Craig, Sherwood and Keith Idso
       Science & Environmental Policy Project -
Fred Singer
       The Resilient Earth -
Doug Hoffman and Al Simmons

Additional Blogs
       Green Hell Blog -
Steve Milloy
       Joannenova.com -
Joanne Nova
       GlobalWarming.org -
Competitive Enterprise Institute
       The Chiefio -
E. M. Smith
       Climategate Country Club
       CO2 Analysis
       Bishop Hill
       I Love My Carbon Dioxide

Skeptical Columnists
       James Delingpole -
at The Telegraph, UK
       Tim Ball -
at Canada Free Press
       Dennis Avery -
at Canada Free Press
       Lawrence Solomon -
Energy Probe
       Paul Driessen -
at Townhall.com
       Marc Sheppard -
at American Thinker

News Articles          (More Recent News Here)
       Hurricane Fakery -
The Register, UK, 2-15-10
       Climategate was Tip of Iceberg -
James Delingpole, 2-6-10
       History of the AGW Fraud -
Marc Sheppard, American Thinker, 2-4-10
       Every Element of Climate Science is Contrived -
Tim Ball, Climate Scientist, 2-2-10
       IPCC Crumbling -
National Post, Ca, 1-26-10
       Amazongate at IPCC -
Eureferendum, 1-25-10
       Glaciergate at IPCC -
Telegraph, UK, 1-23-10
       How the temperature data was tailored -
David Rose, Daily Mail, UK, 12-13-09
       Heating Beyond Normal? Bullroar -
Harold Ambler, 12-9-09
       George Will on Climategate (a layman's perspective) -
Washington Post, 12-6-09
       Climategate as scienetific scandal -
Christopher Booker, 11-28-09
       It never was about the science -
Lorrie Goldstein, 11-26-09
       Statistical Contradictions -
Phil Green, 11-26-09
       data manipulation deserves an investigation -
Wall Street Journal, 11-24-09
       Climategate, Fraud Implodes -
Paul Joseph Watson, 11-23-09
       Hacked Files, Scientific Perspective -
Tim Ball, 11-21-09
       Mike's trick made the decline disappear -
Myron Ebell, 11-21-09
       Unforseen Climate 'Crisis' -
Sadar & Cammarata, 11-20-09
       Climategate, Hackers -
James Delingpole, 11-20-09
       The Dark Side Of Green -
Newsweek, 10-24-09

IPCC and Climatechange Scandals
       Guide to Recent Scandals -
Orange County Register, 2-15-10
       Hurricane Fraud at IPCC -
by Chris Landsea, head of hurricane center

Exposing The Climate Change Hoax
       science structural corruption -
Richard Lindzen
       An Expensive Urban Legend -
Roy Spencer
       None Dare Call It Fraud -
Paul Driessen
       Obama Climate Report—Scare Tactic -
David Deming
       History of the IPCC
       A Call For Abolishing The IPCC -
Vincent Gray
       Why the IPCC Should be Disbanded -
Science and Public Policy Org
       IPCC Loss of Credibility -
Michael Fox
       Hockey Stick Graph—Statistical Fraud
       Hockey Stick Graph—Data Corruption
       Thirty one thousand scientists signed a petition saying humans are not the cause of
            global warming

Renewable or Green Technology
       The German Experience With Solar And Wind Energy
       The Negatives of Wind Power -
Jon Boone
       Windmills on Mountains in Maine

       MasterResource - Energy Technology

       Why Oceans Are Not Rising (and links)
       Satellite Measurements on Sea Level
       ARGO Measurements Low -
Roy Spencer
       Ocean Heat, Not Atmosphere, Melts Polar Ice -
Guardian, September 23, 2009
       Oceans Heating From Below -
Vincent Gray
       Ocean Acidification -
J Floor Anthony

Temperature and Weather Patterns
       Fabricated Temp Data -
Steven Goddard - 9-25-10
       Antarctica Temperature Fraud
       New Zealand temperature contrivance
       Our Climate Numbers Are a Big Old Mess -
Patrick Michaels
       Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler? A tale of two thermometers -
Steven Goddard
       Where Thermometers Go To Die - How Not to Measure Temperature -
Anthony Watts
       What if global-warming fears are overblown? -
John Christy
       The Dog Ate Global Warming (Thermometer Data Disappeared) -
Patrick Michaels
3,000 cold records broken in July, 2009
       Warmest Ocean Surface, July, 2009
       Kids swimming in Arctic Ocean. August 9, 2009
       Early snow and cold in 2009

       Cherry Pickers Guide - a quick review of recent temperatures
       Exacting Temperature Review -
Monckton, pdf-3.5M, 3-30-09

Water Vapor and Precipitation
       Sahara Desert Turning Green -
National Geographic, 7-31-09
       Sahara Desert Turning Green -
BBC News, 9-18-02

       Heinz Hug's Measurement
       Explanation and Perspective on Hug's Measurement -

Science Explanations
       Fake Forcing Equations — Fudge Factor -
Norm Kalmanovitch
       Science And Public Policy Org -
Various Reports by Christopher Monckton
       Summary of Science Criticism for Congress -
Monckton, 3-30-09

       The Heartland Institute -
major events and publications
       CFACT -
organizing and speaking on environmental issues
       Geo-Engineering Watch

       Convenient Myths -
by Klaus Kaiser
       The Deniers -
by Lawrence Solomon
       Climategate—The Crutape Letters -
by Mosher and Fuller
       Red Hot Lies -
by Christopher Horrner
       Climatism -
by Steve Goreham
       The Hockey Stick Illusion -
by Andrew Montford
           Interview of Montford
       Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science -
By Ian Plimer
      Slaying The Sky Dragon - by Hans Schreuder and John O'Sullivan

       Global Warming or Global Governance
       The Great Global Warming Swindle

       How the manipulating is done -
Climate Audit, 4-5-10
       Authorities Contrive -
       How Government Corrupts Science -
Arthur Robinson
       Review of Al Gore's Movie -
Gary Novak

       Little Ice Age Recovery Data -
by Syun-Ichi Akasofu
       Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Decpetion? -
By Joseph D'Aleo
       and Anthony Watts

       List Of 450 Science Papers Denying AGW -
there is "peer reviewed" opposition
       Monckton—Dlugolecki Debate -
pdf, 3.7 Mb
       The Skeptics Handbook -
Joanne Nova
       Europe’s Disastrous Climate Policy -
a study by British Taxpayers Alliance
       Senate Floor Speech -
By Senator Inhofe
            Excerpts of Speech