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Carbon dioxide absorbs three narrow bands of radiation within the infrared, blackbody radiation given off by the earth.

absorption peaks

Thirty percent of black body radiation goes around greenhouse gases and into space to cool the planet.


Cooling the earth is easy, because radiation is emitted from all sides of the earth, while the sun's energy enters from only one side.


Most heat leaves the surface of the earth through conduction, convection and evaporation, and little by radiation. A common error is to assume it all leaves through radiation.

from surface

Most radiation leaves the planet and goes into space from the atmosphere, and very little from the surface of the earth.

from atmosphere

The sun's energy (235 w/mē) mostly hits the surface, while the energy leaving is spread through the entire height of the atmosphere. It's overkill for cooling, which is why the upper atmosphere gets so cold so fast. Block a little, and the radiation just goes around.

from atmosphere

When carbon dioxide is doubled, radiation travels half as far, which does nothing to increase the temperature.

doubling CO2

Radiation which strikes carbon dioxide doesn't go far (only 10 meters at sea level), which is called saturation. Doubling the carbon dioxide reduces the distance to 5 meters, which is a joke. But hell is supposed to be turned over because of it.


The sometimes explanation (more or less abandoned) is that radiation travels farther at the edges of the absorption spectrum, where CO2 molecules are farther apart. But doubling CO2 again only reduces the distance in half.

edge distance

If radiation travels from bottom to top of the atmosphere at edge wavelengths, there would be almost a millimeter of space between each CO2 molecule absorbing radiation. There would be four million air molecules between each of those CO2 molecules.


Another false explanation is that the absorption spectrum widens when CO2 is increased causing more radiation to be absorbed. It doesn't, because bonds have to stretch to widen the spectrum.

The usual explanation is that the heating occurs 9 kilometers up, because there is less saturation, or just because gobbledygook does it. Very little heat would radiate back to the surface, even if gobbledygook could do it.

Modelers just use a fudge factor to show heat increasing, with no explanation for saturation.

There was five times as much CO2 in the air during dinosaur years, and twenty times as much when modern photosynthesis began. All biology is on the verge of becoming extinct due to a shortage of carbon dioxide in the air which is necessary for photosynthesis. The earth has only been "in balance" for 80 years.

Oceans never vary from pH 8.1 (which is alkaline, not acid), because calcium combines with CO2 and buffers at that pH. The calcium never runs out. Why aren't all the fish dead, if a miniscule increase in CO2 acidifies the oceans?

Temperature measurements are fake. Collected data and satellites show no increase in recent decades, while frauds lowered earlier numbers and increased recent numbers to show an increase. The "pause" stems from no ability to keep increasing the fake numbers.

Ocean temperatures constantly increase between ice ages, melting polar ice, until so much snowfall occurs in the north that it no longer melts during the summers and precipitously reflects away sunlight. The cause is accumulation of solar heat in the oceans, not greenhouse gases.

Temperature measurements vary wildly when using the same instruments each year, which means weather events have nothing to do with greenhouse gases.